Our Mission
  • To raise public awareness about melanoma
  • To provide moral support to melanoma patients and their families
  • To support and promote melanoma research
Melanoma Awareness is a volunteer organization with experienced professionals who have been personally touched by melanoma. We have spent years learning about this disease and researching strategies for its prevention.
Why We're  Here

Melanoma Awareness is a Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation and a 501(c)3 Public Charity, established in 2005 in memory of Keith Kamman, a talented Architect, dedicated father, son and friend.

Keith lost his battle with melanoma at the age of 33. Click here to see Keith's story.

Our Goal: To educate our communities on the dangers of melanoma and improve behaviors as a result of our education and awareness. To bring this information to the public, we provide presentations in the following forums:

  • School Education Programs
  • Corporate Education Programs
  • Community Education Programs
Our Board of Directors and Volunteers
Paul Buechele: Board Member, President
Kim Buechele: Board Member, Vice President, Secretary, Web site Administrator
Doris Wong: Board Member, Treasurer
Dina Baylen: Facebook Administrator
Chelsea Davidson: Facebook Administrator
Austin Devnich: Volunteer
Megan Ramey: Volunteer





A Tribute

A special thanks to Cathy Kamman, who passed away suddenly in December, 2010. She became the driving force who, with many friends and volunteers, helped establish Melanoma Awareness. Cathy volunteered tirelessly and passionately to get the message out to thousands of people, in hopes of saving just one life with early detection.

We may never know the impact Cathy had, but if one person caught Melanoma in an early, treatable stage as a result of Melanoma Awareness Education, we know she would feel her mission was worthwhile.