Some melanoma survivors are still getting too much sun exposure
The study included 724 melanoma survivors.More
Skin cancer risk linked with grapefruit and orange juice Consuming large amounts of grapefruit and orange fuide may increase the risk of melanoma according to research led by Brown University. More
Patient self-checks are critical to avoid potentially deadly melanoma recurrence
Recurrences of early stage melanoma are often detected by patients and their doctors than by routine imaging tests. More        

Scientists identify another frequently mutated gene in melanoma
Melanoma arises from gene mutations that activate cancer-causing pathways. More 
Banning teens from tanning would save thousands of lives and millions of dollars
Ultraviolet radiation is the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer. More
Minnesota was the 8th state to ban indoor tanning for minors
Minnesota has become the eighth state to ban indoor tanning for minors effective August 1, 2014. More