Looking for a Melanoma Support Group?
Visit the Melanoma Center to find support groups and programs for you or someone you love. 
Live in Minnesota? Visit Gilda's Club Twin Cities.
You may also click here to find the nearest Cancer Support Community for online support.
Need confidential one-on-one support?
See LiveStrong's Navigation Services.

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Our Resource Center
Visit this page for Melanoma resources, FAQs, helpful web sites, and more!!

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Searching for Clinical Trials or
Melanoma Treament Centers?
Visit this site to learn about a trial's purpose, who may participate, locations, phone numbers, and other details. In Minnesota? See Minnesota Oncology.

Click here to visit Aim at Melanoma for a list of treatment centers and doctors across the United States. See the Trial Finder page to be automatically notified when a new trial matches your profile!
What is Familial Melanoma?
Sun isn't the only danger. Click here to learn more about how genetic conditions may increase the risk of Melanoma.
Melanoma Through the Eyes of 12-year-old Hanna
Learn more about Melanoma through Hanna Janssen's research
I'm Too Young For This
This site provides teenagers with age-appropriate resources, networking, etc.

Aim at Melanoma
Learn everything you need to know about Melanoma, ways to beome involved, and the latest research, developing treatments, and legislation.

Answers about treatment options, how to talk to your Doctor, and how to make the most of your life with Melanoma.

American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society is a nation-wide, community-based voluntary health organization.